A mesmerising time-lapse video shows the painting of a tiny hot dog

Watch the gradual emergence of a life-like miniature hot dog by artist Lorraine Loots for her new collection, “Potluck 100”.

In this fascinating time-lapse video shot by Gareth Pon South African artist Lorraine Loots uses just pencil, paint and hawk-like vision to capture a hot dog the size of a coin.

The artist’s intensely detailed tiny artworks have been lauded and loved since she began producing her collection of miniatures, 365 Paintings for Ants, in 2013. She is currently exhibiting a collection of 730 of her tiny artworks at the Three Kings Studio in New York.

Loots’ original series grew out of an idea to produce a painting each day for a year.

The artist chose not to focus on any particular subject matter initially but for her continuation of the project in 2014, 365 Postcards for Ants, she was inspired by Cape Town’s Design Capital title and used the city as her theme.

This year she set herself yet another challenge – Potluck100 – a collection of 100 miniature paintings done over a period of 25 weeks, This one follows a daily theme and for only four days a week.

“Microcosm Mondays is anything related to space and the infinite universe. “Tiny Tuesdays” are always paintings of books. “Fursday” is reserved for commissions of pets and on “Free Fridays” you can book her to paint whatever you would like.

The life-like detailing on Loots’ minute artworks became so highly sought-after at one stage that she had to shut down her website for a short while to cope with the sheer volume of requests for commissions