Kwamie Liv's animated video is dark, eerie and beautiful at the same time

Danish artist Baby Duka is a multi-talented – he created the beats for Kwamie Liv's low-burning track, "Pleasure This Pain" and animated the music video.

In a collaboration one can only describe as unexpected, Detroit-born rapper Angel Haze and Danish-Zambian singer Kwamie Liv have teamed up for the easy-going Baby Duka produced track, "Pleasure This Pain".

Duka and Liv were not only involved in music but also directed the music video. The pair has a history; they have previously illustrated a cartoon series together called Sunday Strip. “Working with a music producer who is capable of drawing and animating something so beautiful and not utilising it would be madness," says Liv.

While working together was a sane and logical idea, outlandish creativity is the backbone of Kwame Liv and Baby Duka’s relationship. Their combined creative efforts have yielded crazy results such as a musical mashup of Louis Armstrong’s “Just a Gigolo", Notorious BIGs "Sky's The Limit", Kwamie Liv’s vocals and Baby Duka’s beats.

In the video for “Pleasure This Pain”, Duka and Liv pool their eccentric taste together to give the audience an animation that condenses nostalgia together with the confusing and broken feelings that often come with love. The animation is dark and made eerier by Liv’s hazy, ghostlike voice.

The animation, illustrated in the style of a graphic novel, features badass female characters speeding off at full speed under a starry night pursued by wolves. Because Duka is both a visual artist and a producer, the visuals and the audio fuse perfectly seamlessly.