Impossible: Kenyan grannies learn karate to fend off would-be attackers

A group of Kenyan grannies, the oldest of whom is 85, meet every week to learn self-defence to help protect themselves against sexual predators.

The rape statistics in Kenya are alarmingly high and elderly women sometimes fall victim to sexual predators who believe that their age means they aren’t sexually active and makes them safe from HIV. 

A group of elderly women have started learning karate as a method to protect themselves from would-be sexual predators. The video, shared by the global news community AJ+ (which shares stories of human struggles and victories), has been incredibly popular on the internet, with the ladies being referred to as “Karate Grannies”. In the video 55-year-old Jane tells the story of how she fought off an attacker with the moves she learnt in the class. 

A group of about 20 women, the oldest of whom is 85, meet every week for self-defence classes. Check out the video.