Handstitched leather shoes from Ethiopia

Oliberté shoes, the world’s first Fair Trade certified footwear, are all handstitched in Ethiopia.

Every single pair of Oliberté leather shoes are made from Ethiopian and Africa materials, on African-made machines in a factory in Addis Ababa. Since the inception of the company in 2009 and then opening of the fatory in 2012, Oliberté has kept their chief aim to support and upskill their employees, of which they have over 70.

The leather used for the shoes is premium cow and goat leather, produced free-range and hormone free and sourced from local tanneries. Rubber for the soles is bought from around the continent (depending on availability). 

Their socially conscious shoes are notable for their handstitched detail, which holds the shoes together and is much stronger than just a glue.

When the brand was certified Fair Trade in September 2013 they were the first footwear company to receive the certification. They encourage their team to form workers’ unions and create a workplace they believe in.

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