A film shot in two European cities attempts to define progressive art

"Progressive Art", a film by Phsics Media and shot in Amsterdam and Berlin, seeks to understand and investigate the meaning of its title.

Filmed during July 2015 across two European cities, Progressive Art is the second docu-feature film release by South African media organisation Phsics Media. Through conversations with creatives in Amsterdam and Berlin, Phsics Media’s creative director Tebogo Mohlahlana takes the viewer on a journey that investigates the meaning of progressive art.

Progressive Art begins in Amsterdam exploring the life of jazz singer and musician Joya Mooi. Following the release of her second studio album, Crystal Growth, Joya attempts to define progressive artistry through her creative and personal experiences.

In Berlin, Progressive Art attempts to draw parallels between art and fashion. Mohlahlana connects with Atsushi Matsushima, who is the editor-in-chief of Clutch Magazine Japan. He is followed by Daniel Bartels, the co-founder and head-of-design for the Hamburg-based contemporary fashion brand Nebel Studios. Progressive Art also visits the Savvy Contemporary art establishment in Berlin for a one-to-one conversation with its head curator Bonaventure Ndikung. 

The film will be screened for the first time in 2016, debuting in April in Amsterdam and then later in the year in Johannesburg, Cape Town and New York.