Ever wonder who’s behind the sounds in your much-loved films?

“The Foley Artist” is a behind-the-scenes look at the unorthodox methods one master sound artist uses to design the sound effects for film.

Directed by London-based photographer Oliver Holms, The Foley Artist highlights the inventiveness it takes to create the sound effects for film.Named after movie sound effects pioneer Jack Foley, the film plays on the way sound designers often use unconventional methods to perfectly match sounds to the corresponding action.

“The Foley Artist” follows one master sound designer going to incredible lengths to design the sounds to a young woman waking up and getting ready to leave her house.  The Foley artist uses inventive props such as a live duck, a pasta strainer, cooked spaghetti, and a gun to recreate the sound of her receiving a text, showering, washing her hair and opening the front door lock.

The Foley Artist was made in collaboration with Feast Films and Just a Little and won several awards at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015 as well as the Best Shorts Competition 2015.