An encounter between space travel and grief in this 3D animation

French filmmaking collective BRVTVS, create a hi-tech, futuristic music video set in deep space that captures the raw human emotion of grief.

When we contemplate the future and the possibilities of space travel, we leave out some one of the characteristics that distinguish us as humans: grief.

Noticing this lapse in our thinking, French filmmaking collective BRVTVS created a music video for Pilotpriest’s “The Last Goodbye”, which marries futuristic, deep space travel with grief, an emotion even our 3 million year old ancestor Homo Naledi is reported to have felt. 

Inspired by the black and white movies of Fritz Lang and other German expressionists as well as NASA’s Cassini Mission around Saturn, the filmmakers at BRVTVS animated a story about a young astronaut going to meet a woman in space.

The audio and visual are perfectly in sync in this video. Pilotpriest is a magician with synthesizers and the beats in this song will carry you off to far off places while the vinyl crinkle makes you nostalgic for something you’ve never known or seen. Both of these audio elements coupled with the black and white 3D animation results in a video that captures one aspect of the deeply complicated human experience 

“The Last Goodbye” is not BRVTVS’ first film; they debuted on the scene with Horde, a biker gang tale that combined 3D realism and two-dimensional graphic novel style.