Edible Cinema adds another dimension to film

The collaborative effort of the Soho House and Teatime Productions aims to add bespoke edible creations to cinema.

While a night at the movies is conventionally paired with munching on buttered popcorn, Soho House and Teatime Productions have ushered in a new era of taste, texture, and smell. Edible Cinema is a cinematic food experience that pairs iconic moments in film with bespoke canapes and mini-cocktails to enhance the viewing experience. 

When the caseworker, Juno, appears for the first time in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, Edible Cinema patrons are directed to one of their numbered containers. Inside they find a serving of lavender infused, smoked mutton jerky.

“The lavender for an older lady’s perfume, the smokiness for a pack-a-day habit and the mutton jerky for Juno’s throat, through which smoke pours as a reminder of the suicide that got her into the undead civil service in the first place,” says the production team, describing the experience as “discomfortingly delicious.”

Similarly, in Some Like It Hot, Sugar attempts to overcome Junior’s “frigidity” on the yacht by covering him in alcohol soaked kisses. The team brought this to life by pairing it with lightly powdered, rose tinted turkish delight with an almost liquid centre and a strong flavour of champagne.

Bombay Sapphire mixologist Sam Carter conjures up the drinkable elements of each menu.

“Our menus focus less on literal interpretations of food shown on screen and more on environment, specific words and overall feelings,” explains the company.

Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is the next installment in Edible Cinema’s series expected to take place on 30 September. It will be screened in front of an already sold out audience at the Science Museum in London.