Drones and dancers happily unite for this music video

Los Angeles-based producer Nosaj Things employs drones and contemporary dancers in the music video for “Cold Stares”, a track featuring Chance the Rapper.

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Nosaj Thing, released his new album, Fated, in March. Now, the music video for "Cold Stares", a track featuring Chance the Rapper and The O’My’s, is out.

The song is the second collaboration between Chance and Nosaj Thing. The pair previously worked together on “Paranoia”, a bonus track on Chance the Rappers debut album Acid Rap.

Directed by Tokyo-based media artist Daito Manabe, the music video is experimental in nature and features grids, dancers and drones, all moving around one another in perfect synchronisation.

The track is a lo-fi banger and while none of the musicians involved appear, the choreography by Japanese dance troupe, Elevenplay, is a perfect fit for the track. The dancers were choreographed to express a conflict between reality and illusion. Taking this cue, Manabe filmed and edited the video to show the dancers in two ways: the real world performed by people and the delusional world created through computer graphics.

The use of the drone cameras to capture the movements of the two dancers teetering on the edge of reality and illusion gives the video very unsettling and intriguing feel.