A Congolese craftsman equips a young boy with the tools to play soccer

"Un Architecte" is a short film that highlights the struggles of young Congolese who are getting back onto their feet after struggles with immobility.

Un Architecte is a short film shot in the Democratic Republic of Congo by DECADE and non-profit organisation, StandProud.

DECADE is an award-winning production company, based in Washington, D.C. The company films work on a non-profit basis for organisations such as Doctors International, International Justice Mission, and StandProud.

StandProud is a non-profit that seeks to improve the dignity and social integration of children and youth with motor disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo by providing them with free mobility-enhancing treatment and equipment.

The non-profit assists disabled youth aged between five and 25-years-old whose mobility can be enhanced by the use of leg braces. StandProud crafts the devices using locally available materials and local craftsmen. 

This short film, Un Architecte, directed by DECADE’s Brandon Bray, follows five-year-old Landry and the master craftsman who equips him with the crutches and leg braces to play football.

The story is symbolic of the difficulties disabled children overcome in developing nations, and of those who can help them to realise their dreams.