"Colores (Para Lole Part 2)" by Martin & Martin

Charles and Ray Eames' "Powers of Ten" documentary inspires this charming low-tech music video.

Co-directors Martin Allais and Martin Lorenz, working together as Martin & Martin, create a radiant and rich music video for Barcelona-based music duo Storms inspired by the 1977 short film “Powers of Ten” by iconic Modernist designers Charles and Ray Eames. 

“Powers of Ten” represents the relative scale of the universe according to an order of scale based on a factor of ten, first moving out from the Earth until the whole universe is examined, then moving back inward until a single atom is observed.

The directors use stop-motion animation to mimic the factor of ten scaling from the Eames documentary and infuse the film with rich golden and candy tones. They use whatever creative means at their disposal, including charmingly low-tech props such as marbles, balloons, pins and pom-poms. Different materials such as playdough, sticks, stones and oil swirled in water come together to produce a highly textured video.

“The video is a tribute to Eames, to the “Powers of Ten”, to the universe and of course to the fact that everything is colourful (todo es de colores), because it is a fact!” says Allais. 

The Barcelona-based director wanted to create something for the song “Para Lole” from Storms’ debut album, which features the lyrics “todo es de colores”, meaning “everything is colorful”. With no music video and a cleavage of time growing from the debut release of “Para Lole”, Storms decided to produce a second track, “Para Lole Part 2” with the directing duo Martin & Martin in mind.

As a result, the video and track were produced simultaneously rather than the video following the track, creating a streamlined, seamless feel between the visuals and audio.