Fibra: Design as a tool to change perspectives

Fibra are using design as a tool to change perceptions and ultimately change the world.

Brazillian studio Fibra Design believe that design is a tool that can change perceptions and ultimately make people change. The sustainable design studio comprises university peers Bernardo Ferracioli, Pedro Themoteo, Bruno Temer and Thiago Maia.

We look at design as a tool to manage all the different universes around us that are really a part of the same world that we live in.

Fibra talk about their project "A Palm Heart Story" and how it provides a smart alternative to deforestation. They describe how "A Palm Heart Story" progressed to develop a new material with the same properties as the wood of the Jussara palm, which is at risk of extinction. They showcase their moving campaign to promote the material, as well as other extensions of the project.