Carla Fernandez: how heritage translates into fashion

With her Taller Flora label, Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernandez incorporates elements of her country’s heritage into the garments she designs.

Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernandez talks about her struggle to turn her passion for fashion into a profession.

With her Taller Flora fashion label, Fernandez uses textiles that also tell a story about the rural artisans and the community doing the work. She speaks of working with women in indigenous communities in Mexico who come together to create garments that speak to their country’s heritage.

"We had a museum with an amazing collection of traditional patterns.. I asked if I could study them and they said yes. I went to the basement, and, to my amazement, every single garment I studied was made out of squares. With 52 indigenous cultures, every single one is still being made by squares." Looking at such garments as wrap-around skirts and ponchos, she could see the special ways in which clothing was made.

Fernandez also talks about the Mexican fashion revolution and breaking away from Western traditions. She discusses the need to protect textile traditions.

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