Francis Kéré

Posted 30th June 2011 • By Design Indaba • Topic Architecture & Interiors • Category Talks in Design Indaba TVDesign Indaba Conference 2011
African architecture should stop copying the West, engage the real needs of the people and regard the environment, says Francis Kéré.
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Looking at the housing situation in West Africa, architect Francis Kéré says that Africans should stop copying the Western way of building but adapt it to their own needs, the needs of the community and to cope with the weather patterns in the region. He also talks about his dream to make things better in his home country of Burkina Faso, uses traditional techniques and low-cost and environmentally friendly materials.


Related Profile

Diébédo Francis Kéré is an architect from Burkina Faso. The focus of Kéré’s drafts are climatic adaptation, low building costs and self building.