Top 10 Creative Crowdfunding Projects | October 2017

We've scoured the web for compelling creative campaigns around the globe that you might want to support in their quest for funding. Have a look!

The huru backpack

Huru backpack

Huru is a durable and adaptable backpack for the modern traveller or urban explorer. Made from water-resistent Cordura fabric and leather, Huru was developed by orthopedically-minded designers who understand the need to protect personal belongings on the go without putting too much strain on the wearer's body. Read more.

No mother, no child

No mother no child

No Mother, No Child is the photographic project of German photojournalist Jennifer Dallmann. Through this photo series, she aims to tell the stories of Colombian mothers whose children have been adopted internationally. "The stories of mothers subjected to loss through adoption aren’t told from the first-hand perspective very often. The distance to the country of origin, the language barrier and the circumstances of the adoptions make it easy to overlook the perspective, experiences, and reasons of those people," she says. Read more

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is a trio of innovative and unique illuminated paper sculptures, dubbed the Touch, Dimmer and Proximity. Using conductive paint as touch-sensitive switches, the design is entirely tactile and requires no programming. It is a beautiful and effective addition for the home or office. Read more.

The Yoga train deck

Yoga train cards

For the health-minded individual, Yoga Train is a convenient deck of 60 cards illustrating yoga poses to use in practice with their literal meaning, printed on silk-finished paper. It includes 33 yoga postures colour-coded by the "asana" families. In addition, these cards are brilliant for learning the Sanskrit (old Indian language used in the practice of yoga) terms and the aspects of nature that they represent. Read more.

The Biolite Firepit

Biolite Firepit

Biolite Firepit is a smokeless wood-burning oven that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside the unique combustion system. Biolite was designed to burn efficiently by maximising airflow and minimising residual smoke, creating a sociable atmosphere for outdoor gatherings. Read more.

The Mesay translator


Mesay is a pocket-sized smart voice translator for the international traveller. It weighs 450 grams and makes simultaneous translations between 17 widely-spoken languages possible. Mesay uses artificial intelligence to translate speech with each translation taking no more than 2 seconds and 90 per cent accuracy is assured. Read more.

Sides of a horn

Sides of a Horn

Based on actual events, Sides Of A Horn is the first film to tell the story of South Africa's rhino poaching war from both sides of the divide. Led by documentarian Toby Wosskow, the film aims to lift the lid on rhino horn trade. The film uncovers why it has become worth more than gold or cocaine. The demand in the Far East is fueling a war on the ground in South Africa. Read more

Giving me life in the land of the deadass

Giving Me Life is a web series that follows the lives of twelve people of diverse sexualities and ethnicities struggling to find work and happiness in the 21st century. The series gives life to characters that are vastly underrepresented in mainstream media and allows them to take centre stage, showcasing the complexity of race, gender, sexuality and class through a comedic but thought-provoking lens. Read more.

Reused Remade sustainable textiles

Reused Remade sustainable textiles

Reused Remade is an environmentally-conscious company with a patent-pending solution to turn discarded hotel bed linen into durable, washable, fashionable textile carry bags for everyday use. To turn back the blight of plastic bags and the negative impact it has had on the natural world, Reused Remade seeks to channel the textile refuse generated by hospitality businesses around the world into a solution by creating simple, durable bags from recycled bedding materials. Read more

Grow: The lampshade grown from mushrooms

Grow mushroom lampshades

Featuring Ecovative’s mycelium technology, the GROW Lamp kit includes a bag of mushroom cultivating material, a lampshade grow-template and step-by-step instructions on how to create a totally ecologically-made lampshade in your own home with no green thumbs required. Read more.