Take Five

The 12 nominations for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2015 stole the virtual spotlight on designindaba.com this week.


Here are the Most Beautiful Objects in South Africa 2015 nominations, from the personal to the practical to the political. See our Lookbook of the 12 nominations.


Meet Martina Lasinger, a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, who makes mesmerisingly detailed – and beautiful – work. Read the Next Generation article


Kigali’s city planners have devised an ambitious plan to transform this quaint capital city into a regional powerhouse. Read our African Report


We announced our first presenter for Design Indaba Conference 2015 this week. Maverick filmmaker Casey Neistat, who is changing the way we watch movies, will grace the stage. Read more about Neistat here


Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Michelle Bours questions the relationship between man and canine in her photographic project "Overwhelming Love". Read the Next Generation article. 

Watch the Talk with Casey Neistat