4 ways to rethink food production

Floating or far underground, these ideas chart a new course for more efficient food sources.
Posted 29 Mar 15 By Design Indaba Food Design RoundUp / Focus On Comments

Experts warn us that the complexities of city living spells disaster for the sustainable production of food. Here are four ideas from the world’s leading thinkers, horticulturalists, designers and engineers that might change all that.


Cities of food

Food urbanist Carolyn Steel argues that cities, like people, are what they eat. Here she argues for a closer connection between food supply and demand.

A floating food garden

Nobody could stop the Titanic from going down but the Boatanic may offer an eco-friendly solution for inner-city food production issues.

An underground plant paradise

The future of the city farm is a sunless, rain-free, underground box, says Gertjan Meeuws, engineer and horticulturalist at Plenty 50, in this provocative piece.

7 principles of food sovereignty

Amy Franceschini calls for agrarian reform and food as a basic human right in this list of seven principles.