The wonder of it all

Eclectic, beautiful and oh-so desirable, "I Wonder" by Marian Bantjes is sure to become an instant classic.

It’s so absolutely stunning that you might, at first, be afraid to touch it, but once you have laid eyes and hands on Marian Bantjes’s new book I Wonder you’ll never want to let go.

Bantjes spent 15 months writing, illustrating and designing the book. Every illustration in the book was specifically created for the book, and the content is not just about work but also draws on Bantjes’s interest in the written word, graphic art and her own contemplative observations of the world. Published by Thames and Hudson, the hardcover book is covered in gold and silver foils on satin cloth, with gilded page edges.

Together with quirkier pieces are philosophical musings on the abstract notions of wonder, honour and memory, and how they relate to graphics and a visual world. Bantjes brings various forms and mood to life in her work. In the foreword Stefan Sagmeister writes: “The expectation raised by her immaculate form are matched by the significance of the content. Ultimately, it’s not how she says it, but what she has to say. It’s like meeting a supermodel who turns out to be a neuroscientist.”

The book is about enjoyment. Bantjes says: “At a smallish size, it is a book meant for holding and reading, curled up in your favourite chair.”

And more than merely coveting it, it can be yours to own and love. Get your copy now on Design Indaba Shop.

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