Here is Snoggie, Uganda’s extraordinary political cartoonist

As Uganda enters election season, cartoonist Snoggie's political art becomes increasingly interesting.

Snoggie’s World for Uganda is one of Uganda’s most interesting cartoon pages created by artist Fred Senoga Makubuya. According to his website, Snoggie is “committed to promoting excellence in political and social speech. To add a fourth dimension to the debate and trends in Uganda today, through the art of political satire and caricature.”

Snoggie aims to promote good governance by exposing contradictions in Uganda’s political and social life, many of which can be seen in the world at large. He takes serious and grim political situations and creates humor.

Snoggie shares his work with his Facebook audience of close to twenty thousand. As the election season starts, Snoggie is becoming particularly thought provoking.

When Former Vice president Gilbert Bukenya returned to the NRM
Illustration of police brutality around the elections period
A different kind of pirate
Illustration of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe election as African Union chairperson
Responding to the US threats to cut off aid to Uganda, the president said it was Ugandans opportunity to show the world that they had potential
Illustration of president Museveni sleeping during the reading of the National Budget 2014/2015
East African legislative assembly

As the election steam gathers, President Yoweri Museveni organised a dinner for Musicians.

We first found out about Snoggie on This is Uganda, a platform for writers from Uganda determined to tell stories about Uganda and for Ugandans aimed at demystifying stereotypes and sharing the real story of Uganda all over the world.