Li Edelkoort at DI2011

Woolworths is pleased to present Li Edelkoort’s Trend Seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg, in association with Design Indaba.

Woolworths is pleased to present Li Edelkoort’s Trend Seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg, in association with Design Indaba.

SHOPPING: reinventing retail for the 21st century winter 2012-13 fashion, textile and retailing trends

So far this century doesn’t yet have its own shopping innovation and environment. The fashion industries keep delivering drops until we shop and against all odds the status quo of retail seems to project business as usual far into our future - the inner mood and mentality of shops has not yet been reinvented and is in need of creative and conceptual thinking.

Mood marketing will replace all other research disciplines trying to improve and rekindle the relationship with consumers in the future and therefore will require very different store environments and shopping mentalities. Shopping will need to become a trip within our inner selves to satisfy our complex needs and wishes and therefore needs to be addressed in a truly innovative manner, to reach the consumer on another, more private level.

Textile, fragrance, flowers, candles, books, food and design all get together to communicate.

Imagination, improvisation, intelligence and humour are needed to redefine the shopping experiences of tomorrow. -LE


2012 design & interior trends

In the second decennium of the 21st century, design will become primitive and organic lending from basalt boulders, colossal pebbles, undulating dunes and waving pastures, mimicking our natural habitat.  Food will be enjoyed low and lounging, moving images will be screened lazily stretching out on pillows and carpets, beds will become islands of pleasure and daybeds will act as pedestals to invite people to rest and lay low.  Computers will follow us wherever we go.

Like contemporary caveman we will experience our habitat as a place of gathering and enjoyment, of rituals and feasts and of centered and therefore contented being.  Furniture will take a more sculptural and abstracted form acting as a functional object yet also as a sphere to contemplate art as an everyday requirement elevating the design discipline to another, higher plane.

Using natural materials in fusion with manmade matter these abstracted pieces of sculptural strength invite the consumer to landscape their interior much as if it was a garden, a field or an open urban space.  Landscape architecture is therefore the source of inspiration.

Now interior design will become like landscaping interiors, laying out the carpets as fields, distributing abstract furniture like pebbles and rocks, targeting bedding as if it were a linen field and designing wallpaper resembling a lush tropical jungle, weaving textiles as if it was a flower meadow.

The consumer becomes the garden architect of his choices and will give form to a more creative and mobile interior landscape. -LE


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cape Town International Convention Centre,

1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town

Doors open: 09h15

Seminar runs: 10h00 - 13h00


Monday, 28 February 2011

UJ Arts Centre theatre, corner Kingsway and University Road, Auckland Park

Doors open: 09h15

Seminar runs: 10h00 - 13h00

TICKETS available through and at Design Indaba Conference from 23 to 25 February for conference delegates.

R800 per person

R400 for students* and Design Indaba 2011 Conference delegates**

* students will be asked to present student ID.

** delegates will only be able to purchase tickets at the conference between 23 – 25 February 2011. This concession to conference delegates is due to Li’s long time association with Design Indaba.

Guests are kindly reminded that filming and photography are strictly not permitted at this event.