Kraftisan: Flapstand

Nothing beats clever design which is both practical and easy on the eye, right?

That’s exactly why Kraftisan‘s Flapstand caught my design eye at the Design Indaba this year. It gives your 13″ or 15″ Mac/PC laptop a gradual incline that encourages a healthy posture, which, let’s face it, is the blogger’s Achilles heel. The clever chaps behind the Cape Town Kraftisan brand launched the flapstand at the Indaba and I was first in line to buy one…at only ZAR195.00 it’s a brilliant buy.

Designed using an innovative cutting technique that allows the wood to flex, the Flapstand only requires one locking piece to complete the assembly, making it easy to use and beautiful in any setting. The Flapstand is manufactured from 6mm birch plywood and features cork inlays on the top and bottom so that your laptop can gently rest upon a supportive surface.

It’s a clinch to assemble and, good news for my international readers... it comes packaged in a sturdy tube which would endure any amount of the hustle & bustle one could expect from overseas travel.

All photography by Megan of Dressed By Style.