Design Indaba Expo: Newcomers set to delight visitors

Design Indaba Expo, from February 23 to 26, 2008, pushes the boundaries of creative expression with some highly original new exhibitors.

This year's Design Indaba Expo, from February 23 to 26, 2008, pushes the boundaries of creative expression with some highly original new exhibitors.

From toys to fragrances, from laptop and iPod art to recycled PVC billboard skins, Design Indaba Expo is a space for lateral thinking and eco-friendly artists of every stripe.

For the first time ever, Design Indaba Expo showcases the work of a perfume designer, Tammy Fraser, whose products, from beeswax to packaging, are all natural and locally sourced.

Stone Fruit Floors is similarly homegrown - its floors consist of peach pips packed by hand onto a glued surface, then filled with silica sand and resin, and sealed with urethane. The pips are ground to ensure a smooth surface comfortable to bare feet.

In the interests of sustainability, eco-entrepreneurs Carbon d'Afreeque collect Tanqueray billboard skins before they are dumped or incinerated and use them for high-end accessories like clutches and laptop bags. "Saving the planet one bag at a time" is their motto. Similarly, Give-it-Bag's shopping carriers are made from recycled coffee, sugar and rice packaging, fusing beauty and utility in an eco-friendly manner.

Noko Designs also uses recyclables to create its bright, beautiful wall hangings and picture frames. Funky and fun, they breathe new life into discarded goods.

ARTSKiNZ is an entrepreneurial company that designs thin, protective covers for laptops and iPods. A wide variety of artists and styles gain exposure, as the work is exhibited wherever the gadgets are carried and technology can now be proudly creative!

Other Design Indaba newcomers Amazing Grace, Clever Little Monkey, Igneous Furniture and Tattoo Furniture Design strengthen the furniture category this year, alongside regulars Haldane Martin and Egg Designs. Clever Little Monkey is launching a new range of eco-friendly, sustainable children's furniture, linen and wall décor, as well as a see-through chair and table set that gets filled with shredded, recycled paper.

On the warm 'n fuzzy side, Woo-Men Plush Toys are handmade using top-quality fleece, felt, fur buttons and resilient upholstery stuffing. No two are exactly alike and the comic characters have their own unique personalities. Woo-Men is also launching a range of blank toys that can be customised with fabric paint, kokis, spray paint, felt and whatever you can think of.

The 2007 Loerie Awards celebrates excellence in advertising, design and experiential marketing in Africa and the Middle East. At this year's Design Indaba Expo you can see the best on show at the 2007 Loerie Awards Exhibition. After its launch at Design Indaba, it will travel around southern Africa and go as far as the famed One Club in New York.

Once again, the delights and design excellence on show at Design Indaba Expo will provide a feast for visitors and buyers.

Cape Town International Convention Centre, Halls 1a, 2 and 3

Public opening hours:
23 to 26 February 2008
Saturday – 10am to 6pm
Sunday – 10am to 6pm
Monday – 11am to 6pm
Tuesday – 11am to 6pm

No pre-booking is necessary, and tickets are available at the door at a cost of:
R45 – adults
R25 – students and pensioners
R15 – children under 12
Children under 5 are free


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