Zami Life: A stool for smart sitting in an age of inactivity

The Zami smart stool promotes healthy living through innovative furniture design.

Numerous studies have found that there is a distinct association between a sedentary lifestyle and poor health. A lot of what we do takes place while seated at a desk and this level of inactivity leads to bad posture, poor health, and strained back muscles. But, as a number of people do not have the luxury to choose a nomadic or active lifestyle, a team of designers have come up with a stool that is kind to your back while it provides you with real-time health statistics.

Netherlands-based company Zami Life launched the Zami Smart, a stool that aligns the user’s body, strengthens the user’s core and provides the user with real-time feedback via its Zami Life smart app.

“Poor posture is likely to develop neck and shoulder problems and sitting for long periods of time is associated with multiple health risk factors,” reads the company’s website. The team designed a stool that would promote the optimal curve for the user’s spine.

“The stool focuses on helping you achieve good posture by actually tracking how you sit and informing you how to improve your daily sitting habits.”

It’s functionality and ergonomic design was created after years of research by Zami Life’s co-founder Piet Van Loon. An orthopedic surgeon, Van Loon specialised in preventative and non-surgical solutions to problems of the spine.

The stool’s beautiful and simplistic design is the work of co-founder Ruud-Jan Kokke. The Red Dot Award winning Dutch Designer is known for his elegant and organic designs. His work focuses on functionality with an innovative twist.

Zami Smart’s health benefits include enhanced posture, trained muscles, decreased back pain and injury risk, better circulation, easier breathing, a strengthened pelvic floor, and decreased physical and mental stress.

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