Yonamine explores African history through art

Angolan artist Yonamine creates ever-changing art in a variety of disciplines.

From the Series

The critically acclaimed Angolan contemporary artist who goes by one name, Yonamine, uses his travels around the world to inform his art as he creates multimedia installations exploring the theme of a globalised world marked by colonial transition.

Born in 1975, to Angola’s largest city Luanda, Yonamine turned his attentions to art after travelling through the DRC, Brazil and England. Returning to his hometown, Yonamine participated in several workshops that would skyrocket his career to the global stage.

He has been widely exhibited since 2004, contributing a range of art forms including painting, drawing, graffiti, photography, video, and other media, such as tattooing.

His installations often explore the ambiguity between African colonisers and its colonised population, told from his personal perspective as an artist living in a world connected by colonial transition.

Like many artists of his time, Yonamine’s viewpoints, and what he would like to express in his art, was largely influenced by the fact that Angola regained its independence on the year of his birth. The embattled process to democracy that followed sparked a war that would force Yonamine to leave his home country.

Years abroad in multiple countries have left the artist adept at a multitude of art forms, ensuring that his work is ever-changing. This makes him a highly sought after artist at galleries around the world.

Yonamine currently lives and creates in Luanda and Lisbon.

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