The world’s first hand-woven raffia car in Nigeria

A weaver based in Ibadan, Nigeria has taken the age-old craft of weaving to new heights by weaving the entire body of a car.

Ojo Obaniyi, a weaver based in Ibadan, Nigeria, used a talent usually saved for baskets, chairs, huge flower vases, and other household essentials to embellish his Volkswagen pick-up truck.

Obaniyi wrapped the entire vehicle – seats, dashboard, and steering wheel – in raffia fibre. The weaver, who has 20 years of experience weaving raffia palm cane, said, “I wanted to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make positive changes in society,” Obaniyi told Ventures Africa.

The vehicle is fully operational and also serves as an ingenious way of advertising his raffia palm cane weaving services.

All images courtesy Interesting Engineering