The world’s first 3D knitted shoe

JS Shoe introduces featherweight, formfitting footwear created with 3D knitting technology.

As innovative 3D products continue to emerge, it becomes apparent that the possibilities of the printing technology are endless. Now, award-winning designer Xiaoxi Shi and entrepreneur Jackie Hung are bringing something new to the table – 3D knitting. Their brand JS Shoe introduces a range of 3D-knitted lifestyle shoes, which they claim is a world first.

The formfitting, featherweight JS Shoe design is intended to offer a breathable and comfortable fit, suitable for urban commuting or an active lifestyle. The creators believe that the knitting technology presents an opportunity for a new kind of manufacturing that combines mass production with customised design.

The design process is seemingly simple. Much like 3D printing, a design is programmed into a computer and then sent to a knitting machine, which knits the shoe in a method that produces the exact amount of material for each product, leaving no waste during production.

The design omits the need for a mid-sole or stitching and is made up of just a knitted upper, an outsole and a footbed.