Wikkelhouse: A house made of 24 layers of cardboard

A marvel of sustainable design, Wikkelhouse is fully customisable and environmentally friendly.

Dutch design company Fiction Factory have spent the last four years designing an eco-friendly, modular home made entirely out of cardboard. Called Wikkelhouse, which means wrapped house, the home’s steel frame is literally wrapped in 24 layers of corrugated cardboard.

Using a modular shape, Fiction Factory are able to build a full sized, but small home using rolls of recycled corrugated cardboard. The cardboard is fed to a machine that then applies an eco-friendly adhesive before rolling it onto a rotating steel frame. It’s finished with a waterproof coating before wood paneling is applied to the inside, providing a rustic aesthetic.

The company says the home’s appeal lies in its ability to mould to the needs of its owner:

“You’re human which means your needs will change throughout time. Wikkelhouse adapts to whatever you want it to be, it grows with you. Even if you want to sell the place for whatever reason. Since Wikkelhouse is easy to transport and can be placed anywhere it can simply be moved to a different owner.”

This also means it can be installed in a single day and recycled in the future.