What is a hybrid?

Inspired by cultural mash-ups and globalisation, Stephen Burks collaborates on a series that explores hybridity in colourful assemblages.

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“In a word, it’s a mix, a mongrel, a collaboration and a contradiction. It’s an impossible juxtaposition of cultures, beings and objects. It’s the moment, the blur, the hapa, the half-breed – erasing borders, combining forces, re-thinking our mission on the planet,” explains Stephen Burks of Readymade Projects. Inspired by the cultural mash-up and globalisation visible in his own New York studio, Burks collaborated with art directors Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez of Mogollon and photographer Daniel Hakansson to create a series of colourful assemblages – anthropomorphic creatures, monsters and half-breeds. This limited-edition of offset-printed and silk-screened posters are available at www.readymadeprojects.com

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