Welcome summer/winter!

Christoph Niemann's Google Doodle for the winter solstice illustrates some of our favourite seasonal activities in his distinctly quirky way.
Google doodle by Christoph Niemann
Google doodle by Christoph Niemann

To mark the winter solstice this weekend Christoph Niemann has created a Google Doodle that playfully depicts the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

We asked Niemann about his inspiration for the doodle: “By now the Google logo is so familiar that I wanted to see how far I could stretch the readability of the letters, especially for the summer doodle. I'm especially delighted that the folks over at Google like the rendering of the last three letters (…gel) as much as l did. For the winter version it was all about the zen feel of watching the hands and the moving pattern. Obviously the movement of the hands are not technically correct, but I think they convey the idea (I had a very intense discussion with my mom, an ace knitter, about how the visually representation of knitting a glove).”

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