Welcome Shelter: Charlie Redman’s kinetic dining experience

Architecture student Charlie Redman designed an outdoor structure that functions in any weather.

Charlie Redman, an undergraduate student at London’s Bartlett School of Architecture, has created the Welcoming Shelter. The flexible outdoor dining space was designed specifically for the King’s Cross Skip Garden in London.

Redman’s kinetic structure was designed as part of an undergraduate project in collaboration with Global Generation, a local outreach initiative. It is intended to function as an outdoor dining space for the community garden and its staff, volunteers and customers to enjoy in any weather.

With the assistance of designers and specialists from Arup, the lightweight frame of the roof was drawn up to pivot around a central axis at the same time that the front opens up.

Redman’s innovative project landed him the 2016 AJ Small Projects Award. The award celebrates the creation of small projects that take less than 250 000 Euros to build.   

“Winning the small projects is a dream come true,” Redman was quoted as saying. “It has been an amazing journey and I'm looking forward to building upon it into my career. I can't thank enough all the people who have helped me along the way.”

Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture, Professor Bob Sheil said it's extremely rare for a student to complete a built project of this scale and ambition.

“The experience Charlie has gained and shared is of immense value and deserves our thanks and admiration. The commitment behind this effort is inspiring and no doubt will inform the UK’s forthcoming conference on research-based education,” he added. 

Image Credits: architectsjournal.co.uk
Welcoming Shelter by Charlie Redman

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