Ways of seeing

Four artists, two cities and a series of street murals come together to create the inspiring "Acrylic Walls" project.

The idea of combining art with natural surroundings in and around South Africa has led artist and art activist Ricky Lee, aka Freddy Sam to create a series of street art around Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The project, titled Acrylic Walls sees artists from Tel Aviv, New York City and Buenos Aires collaborating to contribute their perceptions and feelings of South Africa’s culture and heritage onto walls for many to admire and appreciate.

Freddy Sam, Know Hope, Gaia and Jaz Fasoli bring an element of their own country into their perceptions of South Africa. Each street mural is not only reflective of the unique personalities of each artist, but also of their home cities in relation to South Africa.

Freddy Sam has created a diary-like Tumblr to allow people to see the progress of each artist's work, from sketches to final creation.

Acrylic Walls will be presentd in the Ways of Seeing exhibition, in association with /A Word of Art will be exhibited at /A Word of Art’s exhibition space in Cape Town from 24 January to 9 March 2013.