Waterfall light at Milan2011

Drawing its form from a rhizomatic composition, Matali Crasset’s new pendant lamp is reminiscent of a waterfall.

Created for Spanish brand Arturo Alvarez, Matali Crasset's new lamp “Rhizome” is made from a single sheet of metal.

Rhizome, which follows the outline of mobile systems can be seen at the Milan Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 April 2011.

Drawing its form from that of a rhizomatic composition, the lamp takes on the shape of a waterfall with a central spot branched out into hanging components that defract the light. The source of light is protected at the core by various suspended shapes which work to divert the light through white panels.

The endings of the lamp are coloured in either silver or yellow and help to amplify the sense of fluidity, while also adding a contemporary touch.

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