Visual variety for Jamie Oliver

Pearlfisher designed the packaging for Jamie Oliver's ever-expanding range of food and lifestyle products.

Pearlfisher London is the creative agency behind the packaging of Jamie Oliver’s new range of lifestyle products.

The once-naked chef has moved from the kitchen to the rest of the home with an exciting range of products for the home. But there’s no need for foodies to despair, Oliver’s unique food products are still available!

The Jme lifestyle range includes products sourced from artisans around the world. Pearlfisher explain that the packaging for these products needed something that would reflect the individual character of the product inside, while also incorporating the origin of and the unique qualities of the product in question.

Pearlfisher drew inspiration from a large variety of sources and visual aesthetics. Rather than a single visual aesthetic, the designers  used the core Jme identity to bring the different visual elements together.

Each individual product in the Jme range has its own graphic identity while maintaining an overall synergy with the other products in the range.