Urban cycle

Elegant, lightweight and super fast, this bicycle by Paul Budnitz Bicycles is ideal for the urban environment.

Sleek, sexy and design-conscious, Paul Budnitz Bicycles presents a lightweight bicycle that’s ideal for the urban environment.

The high-end titanium city bike pictured above prioritises comfort, with the slick tyres making it suitable for dirt roads, as well as the city streets.

All the components of this bike are hand-made by small boutique fabricators, with the Budnitz Bicycles trademark super-light all-titanium No.1 Cantilever Frame™, Half-Crown™ fork, proprietary Ti handlebars and seat post.

The bikes are available as a belt-driven single speed or with an 11-speed internally geared transmission. The shifter and brake cables are neatly hidden in the tubing of the bicycle frame and comes with a rack and water bottle mount.