Upcycled chairs remember a childhood church congregation

"A Swimming Pool of Dreams" is the latest immersive project by London-based Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori, telling six narratives of people who pray.

London-based designer Yinka Ilori has earned himself a reputation for his playful, sustainable furniture. Specialising in upcycling vintage pieces, Ilori uses African fabrics that are inspired by traditional Nigerian parables and remind him of his childhood. Each of his pieces tells a story. 

During the 2016 London Design Festival, Ilori launched a new collection of six chairs titled A Swimming Pool of Dreams. The collection is born of memories of the Margate coast with his family’s church congregation. The chairs were exhibited in the Clerkenwell London concept store.

The collection, which formed part of Design Undefined exhibition, was laid out as an installation, and visitors had to navigate their way through the objects in order to understand their meaning. 

Ilori explains on the Clerkenwell London design blog that this collection is a continuation of an earlier series, “where each chair is a catalyst that releases good energy into space from people that have ‘paid it forward’.” A Swimming Pool of Dreams focusses on six narratives based on people who have used their faith to pray for what they want in life. 

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