United for cleaner oceans

United By Blue is an organisation that removes one pound of trash from the ocean for every one of their organic, vintage-inspired T-shirts sold.

The sad reality is that many of our oceans look like trashcans. In fact, it’s believed that about 14 billion pounds of rubbish end up in the ocean each year.

Cleaning this up is a large task but every little bit helps.

Enter United By Blue, an ocean-friendly apparel brand that removes one pound of waste from the sea and other waterways for every product sold.

The initiative of American-born entrepreneur Brian Linton, his passion for the ocean can be traced back to his childhood in Singapore where he spent summers scuba diving and enjoying other water activities.

United By Blue is an apparel range of organic cotton T-shirts for men and women that embody a “rugged vintage nautical nostalgia”. The range also extends to canvas laptop and messenger bags, as well as artisan jewellery.

More than 60 cleanups, with the help of some 1000 volunteers, have resulted in more than 80 000 pounds of trash being removed from the water.

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