Twenty-Fifty: A visualisation of the world’s food crisis

Designer Gemma Warriner is trying to make the global food crisis we face in 2050 accessible by representing the data in vegetables.

Sydney-based designer Gemma Warriner created Twenty-Fifty in an attempt to illustrate the data surrounding the predicted food crisis of the future. Using graphic images of fruit and vegetables, Warriner’s project presents the data in a visually engaging and provocative form. 

The projects explores the results of the inability of the earth’s natural resources to meet near-future demands through eight visualisation posters, each exploring one primary issue. These issues include population growth, urbanisation, food production, food waste, genetic modification, climate change, consumption trends and agrobiodiversity.

“The project intends to both challenge and educate consumers about how the future may unfold,” says Warriner.

The growth of the human population is possible the biggest force driving us towards a food crisis. This is the root cause of the other issues: more humans means more waste, greater strain on food production and the introduction of more series genetic modification.

Warriner’s Twenty-Fifty project was completed as part of a project at the School of Design at the University of Technology in Sydney.