Tiles for smiles

The Anda Project in Argentina is a creative urban initiative to fix broken tiles on the pavements with more colourful replacements.

In the city of Rosario in Argentina the community have taken it upon themselves to replace the tiles that are missing from the pavements.

The Anda Project is a creative initiative by the organisation Compartiendo Capital that uses a simple strategy to fix what is broken, while also adding a touch of colour to an otherwise grey sidewalk.

In Argentina the pavements are often not made of concrete but of different kinds of tiles. If one tile breaks, those around it will also start to deteriorate, creating unsightly holes along the walkways.

The Anda Project replaces the broken tiles but first gets local artists to add a creative and colourful touch to the tiles. The chosen artists are advised by a specialised workshop that teaches the techniques for making these tiles while also highlighting the creative possibilities of urban spaces.

Compartiendo Capital sees the Anda Project to be part of an “urban sanitation” venture to brighten up the streets of Rosario.