A taxi concept for the city of Prague by HJC Design incorporates elements of the city's age-old heritage and culture.

"Praha" is a new taxi concept for the Czech Republic capital, Prague, by UK-based product design and manufacture consultancy HJC Design.

Considering the possible future of city transport, the "Praha" concept looks to embody the city of Prague’s iconic architecture in a modern application.

This unique taxi concept feature high-intensity LEDs in the front and rear, with integrated augmented-reality displays that let the user track the taxi route. There’s also the option of a virtual city tour on a central console. Taking it cue from the city’s heritage, the console reflects the floral-motif of the ceiling of Prague’s Great Hall.

Various other Prague-inspired elements are included in the overall design on the taxi. The bench seating is composed of 18 wooden strips, referring to Prague’s 18 bridges. The dashboard is styled to reflect the city’s skyline and dotted with 100 “dimples”, in reference to the “City of 100 Spires”.

The hexagonal design of the floor represents Prague University’s solar cell technology and the fluid curves of the taxi follow the flowing form of the Vltava River. To further enhance the rider experience, a glass roof allows for a panoramic view of the city.

Even the red and white colour scheme of the Praha concept has a symbolic meaning, looking to the colour scheme of the Czech Republic’s flag and the city’s original tram designs.