Takeout container turned mini-greenhouse makes growing food a snap

Homegrown’s Takeout container makes the perfect mini-greenhouse for growing organic food.

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Growing your own organic food from home could be as easy as ordering a Takeout Grow Kit. Using a simple takeout container, Homegrown has created an easy to use mini-greenhouse that makes it easy for anyone to grow food, any time of year.

According to the company’s founder Robyn Jasko, the kit comes with everything the user would need, including peat-free soil, and organic seeds. “Experience how fun it is to grow food from seed, and start harvesting your own herbs, veggies and greens, even if you've never grown anything before,” she says.

While there are a number of home-grow kits on the market, Jasko says the Takeout kit is the most comprehensive option because the company found the perfect trifecta to grow happy plants.

“Our mini-greenhouse takeout design heats up for quick sprouting, our custom peat-free enriched soil encourages healthy roots, and our sustainable coconut fibre pots allow roots to grow freely, and can be transplanted directly into a larger container or directly into your garden,” she adds.

The kit features eight easy-to-grow varieties including, basil, cucumbers, garlic chives, nasturtiums, cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, dinosaur kale, and Tom Thumb peas.