Sustainable bricks made from recycled sand and plastic waste

Tackling the massive waste and pollution issue in India.

Indian company, Rhino Machines, has built a sustainable brick made from recycled sand/foundry dust and mixed plastic waste called the, the SPB (Silica Plastic Block). 

The SPB was developed by R+D Labs to solve the environmental hazard created by dust waste and pollution – a massive problem in India. 

What’s more, the bricks use plastic as a bonding agent, completely eliminating the need for water during mixing and curing. 

At Design Indaba 2020 we revealed bio-bricks made from human urine by Dr Dyllon Randall, a senior lecturer at the University of Cape and he worked alongside master’s student Suzanne Lambert and honours student Vukheta Mukhari. 

“With sustainability in mind, we need a paradigm shift. We should be rethinking waste [like urine], focusing on resource recovery. We need sustainable processes that reduce carbon emissions,” he explained in a Q&A with UCT news.

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