Street art and energy inform Kronk’s Zakifo redesign

The Zakifo Musik Festival comes to Durban, South Africa with a look inspired by culture, street art and energy.

Kronk's poster design for the Zakifo Festival

Kris Hewitt, better known as Kronk, is a Johannesburg-based graphic artist who has recently designed the artwork for Durban’s Zakifo Music Festival. Inspired by his homeland, the artist draws from his African surroundings.

“I am… inspired by African art and tribal forms, the simplicity is evident in most modern design and art. I like the breakdown of complex ideas into symbols and shapes, this speaks clearly to me as a graphic artist,” he explains.

For Zafiko’s poster, Kronk was asked to maintain his signature style while keeping the original Reunion Island energy in mind. The piece focuses on a wildcat, surrounded tribal imagery, references to music, and tropical scenery that all speak to the greater narrative.

“I was inspired by the street art scene as well as their amazing colours, forms, culture and energy. I wanted to capture the feeling of that tropical chill, but with a musical slant,” Kronk explains. “I wanted to get this wild psychedelic cat to look as if it had found something in the jungle, and be looking all surprised and amazed, and within its face, we see the symbolism that relates to that.”

Of his process, Kronk adds that he “purposefully wanted a computerised hand made feel, so that the image feels controlled and organic at the same time.”

The festival will be held at Natal Command in Durban on the 27 and 28 of May 2016. The line-up lists artists from Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Check out songs from Superbalist’s playlist for the festival here: