Station transformation

Durban's recently completed Moses Mabhida Station a design-friendly example of the possibilities for local transport infrastructure.

Durban’s new Moses Mabhida Station is a welcome edition to South African rundown rail network. The station, not to be confused with the Moses Mabhida Stadium to which it lies adjacent, celebrates local culture while also setting the standard to the development of a uniquely African rail network.

Arup Interchange Design South Africa were responsible for the design. They explain the rationale behind the design: “The design ambition for the Moses Mabhida Station was to integrate architectural vision, civic identity and urban context within the rigorous requirements of passenger flows and operational demands.” Arup prioritised ease of movement, ease of access and visibility to maximise security as key design factors. Light was another important architectural element in the station. The absence of clutter helps to ensure easy maintenance without having to compromise on comfort.

Associate director at Arup, Caroline Sohie explains that Moses Mahbida Station design aims to “show that public transport can have some dignity”. The designers were also considerate of how transport nodes and infrastructure affect the surrounding communities. The station demonstrates the emerging public transport aspirations of South Africa.