Stain, wash, rinse, repeat: The story of a perfect white dress

Can a pure white dress stay perfectly fabulous, stain after stain, wash after wash? Skip washing powder found out – the creative way.

Celeste Arendse is painting giant fuchsia polka dots onto one of her crisp white dresses – using the juice from a beetroot. Rounding out the geometric pattern are dashes, dots and squares in mustard and tomato sauce.

A few days ago she created a delicate totemic pattern using coffee, and yesterday it was eye-shadow’s turn.
The designer behind local womenswear fashion label Selfi hasn’t gone mad. Over the last week she has been staining the dress with different ingredients found in the average household pantry and giving it to Aisha Baker of Baked The Blog to wear to meetings and social occasions.
After each stain, the dress was washed and Arendse worked on a clean slate to create the next design.

This one white dress put Skip washing powder to the test to prove it can protect the fibres and freshness of your most treasured garments.
The #FabulousDress project is aimed at demonstrating that Skip’s enzyme+ technology keeps clothes looking fabulous, wash after wash.

Skip Intelligent Washing Powder has been developed to protect the fibres themselves with Fibre Protect technology. Its laundry detergents are designed to penetrate deep into the fabric to thoroughly clean and care for every fabric type. Because Skip loves your clothes as much as you do, it keeps your clothes looking fabulous, wash after wash.
To watch the metamorphosis of this once-off – and once-off again and again – dress, follow the process on these platforms by searching for #FabulousDressProject on:

Skip South Africa: Facebook, Twitter @SkipSouthAfrica and Instagram @SkipSouthAfrica

Celeste Arendse: Instagram @celeste_selfi

Aisha Baker: Instagram @bakedtheblog, Twitter @bakedtheblog , blog, Snapchat AishaBakerXo
The full story of the dress – from Arendse’s stain experiments to Baker’s showcase to the laundry, and back again – will be documented and showcased to the public at Bean There Café on Wale Street in Cape Town from 17h30 onwards at First Thursdays on 7 May.