A squid bacteria lighting solution

The nocturnal Hawaiian bobtail squid uses bacteria to help it see in the dark and so can we.
Glowee's lighting solution comes from the sea
Glowee's lighting solution comes from the sea

French company Glowee are making headlines with their plan to light up Paris using bioluminescent bacteria. With the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign and backing from a French power utility, the company hope to engineer the bacteria so that it provides light for 30 days.

According to Glowee, the company aims to tackle some of the damages made to nature by offering an alternative, sustainable lighting solution. By cultivating the bacteria with bioluminescent properties found in the Hawaiian bobtail squid, Glowee creates a transparent shell that can take any shape and light any area. It’s completely wireless, fully customisable, adhesive to a glazed area and does not require electricity.

The company envisions a range of uses for the product including ephemeral installations, shop front lighting and integration into the urban landscape.