Spying on a thief in this fascinating documentary

Film student Anthony van der Meer made a documentary tracking his stolen phone and the thief who stole it
Find My Phone

What happens to stolen phones? What kind of person steals a phone? These are the questions 23 year-old Anthony van der Meer asked himself when he had his phone stolen in Amsterdam. Van der Meer is a director, researcher and concept developer who recently graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands with his short film Find My Phone.

Van der Meer set up to have another phone stolen on purpose so that he could spy on the thief. He loaded the phone with spyware that allowed him to remotely track the phone and to take photos, videos, record audio and even read messages. The result is a disturbing yet intriguing 21-minute documentary in which he follows the whereabouts of the phone and the intricate life details of the thief.