Sports catalogue

Nendo's design of a new sportswear shop in Beijing plays with the concept of windows to create a unique spatial experience.

Those busy Japanese designers Nendo have recently designed a new sportswear shop in Beijing.

“Catalog” is the new flagship shop of the Hong Kong-based sports fashion label that focusses mainly on sneakers.

With the design of the retail space Nendo wanted to capture the brand’s philosophy of “actively suggesting ways of coordinating items from different brands to its customers”.

Nendo explains that they wanted to recreate the “specificity and attraction of a catalogue” with the design of the Catalog space.

Working from the point of view that the face of a shop is its windows, Nendo “copy-pasted” the shop’s windows over and over again to create a spatial experience that mimics flicking through pages of a catalogue.

“The entire store becomes a series of show windows, and every item is in the spotlight,” says Nendo.