Spiralling tower

Adding a significant structure to the Phoenix skyline, BIG Architects blend form and function for the "Phoenix Observation Tower".

Resembling a metaphorical pin firmly marking a location on a map, BIG Architects will design an observation tower to serve as a symbol for the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

BIG Architects have been commissioned by Novawest, a Phoenix-based developer to design a 128-meter tall observation tower. The spiral tower will add a significant structure to the Phoenix skyline from which locals and tourists will be able to enjoy the views of surrounding mountain ranges and spectacular sunsets.

The future “Phoenix Observation Tower” will be made out of reinforced concrete with an open-air spiral sphere at the top. To add a dramatic aspect, BIG Architects will alter the spiral promenade of the tower with its width being at its maximum in the middle and it’s smallest at the top and bottom.

The spiralling sphere will contain flexible exhibition, retail and recreational space that can be accessed through three glass elevators. The promenade spiral allows visitors to experience all of the tower’s programmes, while simultaneously enjoying a dynamic 360-degree view of the Arizonian landscape. 

Like a heavenly body hovering over the city the Pin will allow visitors to descend from pole to pole in a dynamic three-dimensional experience seemingly suspended in mid-air, says Bjarke Ingels. 

Serving as a public plaza, the base of the tower will offer shade and a water feature, along with a designated area for queuing.

Keeping the environment in mind, BIG will incorporate a number of solar features to promote a sustainable model. 

Watch the Talk with Bjarke Ingels