Spinning light

Troika's Thixotropes is a kinetic sculpture for Selfridges that plays with elements of light.

Working at the intersection of art and science, Troika have created the “Thixotropes” kinetic sculpture.

The installation was commissioned by the British retailer Selfridges and can be seen in their London shops until January 2012.

Thixotropes is comprised of a series of eight illuminated mechanised structures. Each structure is shaped as a composition of intersecting angular and geometric forms, made of thin tensed steel banding and lined with rows of LEDs.

Troika explains that the constructions continuously revolve around their own access to create path of light, resulting in the spinning structures becoming composition of “aerial cones, spheres and ribbons of warn and cold light”. It’s this light that gives life and shepe to the immaterial construction.

Facts and figures of Thixotropes

  • Each sculpture is spinning at a speed of 360rpm
  • Each sculpture weighs approximately 35kg
  • 320 metres of led banding with a total of 6400 LED's for all 8 sculptures
  • A total of 60 metres of carbon rods
  • A total of 234 metres of stainless steel banding
  • A total of 54 metres of tubing
  • A total of 130 metres of cabling
  • A total of 1920 individually machined and assembled parts, 240 machined parts per sculpture

Watch the Talk with Troika