Speak up

Now here's a way of customising your wardrobe - use your voice to create unique knitting patterns for bespoke garments.

An application that allows one to infuse your clothing with “poetic attitude”, sounds like something we should know more about, especially since one’s voice is what makes it possible.

Trikoton, the Berlin-based design label of Magdalena Kohler and Hanna Wiesener, have created a Voice Knitting Machine. The machine creates patterns based on live sound recordings of the user’s voice frequencies.

The Trikoton duo worked with a programmer to access a 1970s style knitting machine with computer micro-controllers and custom engines to create an application that allows for live manufacturing control.

It works as simply as recording one’s voice into a microphone attached to a computer, which then converts the frequency analysis into grid-like weaves. These weaves are turned into everything from scarves to jerseys and pullovers.